welcome and thanks so much for stopping by! i'm kelsey, and i'm a natural light photographer based out of atlanta, ga and beyond! i specialize in intimate weddings/elopements, portraits, and travel photography! i really love being able to serve and invest in others through the things i'm passionate about! from life's most intimate and adventurous moments to its greatest celebrations, i seek to preserve each of those memories in a tangible way for you to hold onto forever. i always deeply hope that you are as obsessed over your images as much as i loved taking them for you, and i hope we become good friends by the end of your session or wedding! 

i have found that i've always been drawn to the visceral, real, in-the-moment emotions that stir your soul, that fill you up to where you have no choice but to feel them, the breath-taking, inexplicably raw emotions that both challenge and grow you. they are what makes up the very fabric of everything we get to experience in life. my greatest desire is to always sense and capture the emotion of each moment that happens in front of my lens in a really transparent, genuine way! the best photos always happen when the emotions are real and the photographer's presence is forgotten; those moments are the ones that have my whole heart! 

i'm a wife to my sweet husband, ryan, and a stay-at-home mama to our busy three-year-old. we also have two mischievous shi tzus and a fluffy feline! 

i love: jesus, traveling (have a wedding or want a session outside of the atl? i'm all in!), cultivating deep, meaningful relationships, playing + listening to music, the evening golden hours, home-cooked meals, gilmore girls + period dramas, sketching + reading on rainy days, neutral spaces with pops of color, spontaneous target runs, and making all the lists! 

if you can relate to anything mentioned above, feel free to reach out because i probably already like you!

i can't wait to meet you!! 

xo, kelsey

connect with me on instagram!

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