Florence + Matteo | Intimate Lake Como, Italy Wedding | Destination Wedding Photographer

Last year, I was so honoured to photograph sweet Florence “Flo” + Matteo’s intimate wedding in Lake Como, Italy. Every last moment of this gorgeous, Franco-Italian celebration reflected the aspects of weddings that I love the most: community, details, and a really wonderful story to tell.

This particular shooting experience was unique in so many ways. While I’ve had the opportunity to shoot abroad before now in places like Paris and Edinburgh, this was my first wedding in Europe. It was so exciting, and it really was such a dream of mine! I’ve loved traveling for so long, so for someone to love my work enough to bring me halfway across the world to document their wedding day was such a blessing! Florence + Matteo did so much to make everything as easy as possible, and the overall vibe of this wedding celebration was so relaxed and full of community. You could tell that these two are so cherished and loved by their people!

Matteo picked me up from the airport, and my first meal in Lake Como was good ole McDonald’s, ironically! It was great getting to learn more about Matteo and his family, and he pointed out George + Amal Clooney’s home (wut?!) off the lake on our way to his town. When we arrived, it was pretty late, and the absolute silence except our footfall on the cobblestones made the realisation of where I was that much more real to me, in the best way! The next day, all of the girls and I got to rent a boat and went out onto the lake with snacks and some prosecco. It was breath-taking, and I can now say I’ve gotten to swim in Lake Como. It still doesn’t seem real, somehow, despite having photographic proof! 

On the wedding day, the weather was overcast, at first, but the sky opened up, turning into a golden evening. 

That morning, I arrived to Matteo’s parents’ home that morning where the girls were getting ready with the bride. Florence’s mother had brought her wedding gown from France, and the flowy, effortless, simple design of it perfectly conveyed who Florence is. The girls each gave her a wedding gift, each one so intentional and personal, and it was so cute to snap images of her excitement as she opened each one! Matteo and his guys were getting ready downstairs, and it was so fun getting to take their portraits, especially the goofy ones! It was so nice because Matteo and a few of the other groomsmen spoke English so well, so any direction I gave was quickly relayed to the others who didn’t, so everything flowed super easily! The same was true for all of Florence’s side of the family who were French! Everyone was seriously so kind and made the day very easygoing!  I have to extend a huge shout-out to Matteo’s parents who so graciously hosted me in their home amidst all of the preparation for the wedding day! And on the day of, the photos of their pure excitement and joy for this celebration, and all it meant to them, were one the best things to be able to document. 

The ceremony took place in a private garden behind Matteo’s ancestral home. Friends and family came from near and far to be a part of this day of celebration, along with many of the local townsfolk who literally walked from their homes to witness their day. The mixture of French, Italian, and American cultures so perfectly reflected the blending of these two families. There was a collaborative, supportive feel to it all in the way that so many loving hands contributed to making the day what it was—a true celebration and joining of two lives, two families, and two cultures.

I honestly don’t have enough words to describe or convey how I feel about the lush, rich Italian landscape. It was unreal, full of wildflowers, olive trees, and the endless mountains off Lake Como. Every staircase, wall, and winding path we explored gave way to an old-world, untouched charm. Even at nighttime, the tiny lights of the towns surrounding the lake look like thousands of stars dotting the dark silhouettes of the mountains, as far as the eye can see. 

Another one of the most notable things about this wedding were the intentional and beautiful curated details. Florence is an artist with an eye for aesthetic and design (you can check out what she creates here), so all of the careful planning that went into the decor reflected that about her. Both her personal style and her wedding style are very natural, organic, and eco-friendly, so shied away from anything generic or trendy, and instead, opted to use nature-driven materials that were full of meaning and purpose, such as olive leaves from the olive tree that she added into her florals and the rocks sourced from Lake Como used in lieu of place cards on the banquet-style table at their reception. Also, I loved that all of the guests were told to wear blue because everyone was in contrast to their surroundings!

Also, I just have to take a moment to talk about the food at the wedding. In true European fashion, fresh meats and cheeses, along with baked goods were set up in a lavish, feast-like spread. Afterwards, we were served fresh risotto, and then some refreshing desserts followed. The food alone deserved its own blog post, to be honest! 

As with many weddings in Europe, this celebration lasted well into the early hours of the morning, and I got to break out my moves on the dance floor alongside Florence + Matteo! By the end of the night, I was so tired, but in the best way, and I’ll honestly never forget the time spent celebrating with these two in such a surreal, special place!

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