I've always loved the way good books and song lyrics can so intricately, perfectly describe our thoughts and emotions.
But there's something about being able to SEE, to express thoughts in a tangible, visual way, that never fails to connect us all.

creating emotional, heartfelt imagery is so much more to me than a means of outward, artistic expression.

art has always been like a lifeline for me. to consume and create art is an intrinsic part of me. 

it was a new, exciting creative outlet when i was uncertain of what the future would look like, post-high school. it saved me from having deeply severe post-partum depression after my daughter was born. it has brought some of my closest, most important friends into my life. it continues to be an incredible way to not only find new perspectives, but also to foster deep connection with and to serve people from different cultures and walks of life, across the world!
i'm going to be honest with you: life is messy, and taking photos can be way outside of your comfort zone; believe me, i completely get it! but my deepest, sincerest hope for you is this: as we go along and get to know one another, i hope that you feel comfortable enough with me to shed your fears, your doubts, your insecurities without even realising it's happened; and that we become really good friends by the end of our time together. i'm here as much more than your photographer/vendor, and i'm invested in your story. because, friend, i cannot tell your story without YOU. 

because who you are matters.

neither you nor i exist only to live in or to be known in tiny, perfect little squares that may feel, some days, like they define us. they DON'T. those spaces don't hold in them the full story, the in-between, the reality of who you are. i want to find and document those authentic parts of your story. so please come without any preconceived notions of perfection, come just as you are, and let me take care of the rest!

your time with me doesn't need to be extravagant or Instagram-worthy; it just needs to reflect who YOU are.

so, if you want to take some photos in your favorite place, whether that's a little unsuspecting cafe down the street or the metro platform where you happened to meet your person the first time or just a place you love for no particular reason, instead of where you think you're supposed to, LET'S DO IT, because i'm here to create a vision that you love, too! it's less about just getting your photos taken and more about creating something really beautiful together!

if you're wanting a "look at me, and say cheese" type of photographer, then we might not be the best fit!

while there will definitely be a few moments where some basic poses will be used as a comfortable starting point to work into something more organic, i'm not someone who likes stiff, staged, or forced posing. i value what i do and the people i serve too much to give you uncomfortable-looking images!

when we emote in a genuine, whole-hearted way, our expression affects our entire posture, so when i photograph you, i will most likely be telling you something incredibly funny or asking you to do something random to really draw out your emotions! being in front of a camera is a very vulnerable place, so it's completely natural to feel a bit awkward or exposed, at first, but the best thing about having a photographer who knows what she's doing is that YOU don't have to worry about it! trust me to make you look and feel good, help you feel comfortable in front of my camera, and give you a stress-free, fun experience!

Here to Help!

got a question? i'm here to answer them! 

having shot countless sessions and wedding days throughout almost 10 years, i have a ton of experience when it comes to helping you navigate your time with me! 

for portrait and brand sessions, i am more than happy to share information about things such as: photography permits for different cities, how to get the most out of your time (light during different points in the day, locations to match your vibe, logistics when you arrive, styling tips, etc.)!

if you're planning a destination session or wedding with me, i can share information about travel such as: booking vendors in your location, booking flights, cultural information, locations, accommodations, and more! 

i've  been both a bride and wedding photographer, so for your wedding day or elopement, i can share my process from start to finish, along with planning tips, vendor recommendations, and rad ways to create memories with your friends and families! 

i’m here to help in any way that i can, and to make sure this is a stress-free experience. i want you to know all of the things, so please don't hesitate to reach out! you can check to see if your question could be answered here!


I promise, I don't mind! See what I'm up to and check out my most recent work here!



you can reach me at kelseybutcherphoto@gmail.com


monday-thursday 9:30am to 5pm

friday 10am to 3pm

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