do you shoot film, too? do you shoot nikon or canon?

no, only digital. while i love the look of film, i personally prefer to shoot digital. maybe in the future i'll try it out! 

and canon, all the way, y'all!

is there a travel fee?

for most types of sessions, i charge just for my gas to and from location. for all elopements/weddings, i require reimbursement for all transportation + accommodation expenses.

gas/travel fees will be added to the total amount! 

is there a sitting fee? a retainer?

nope! no sitting fees here! 

i do require a retainer for weddings, elopements, and a few select types of portrait sessions!

how many edited images do i get?

while it depends on the type + length of the session, i do have a minimum amount guaranteed for each. usually, for half an hour session, i guarantee at least 15 edited images; and for an hour session, i guarantee at least 25 edited images. for weddings, you are guaranteed at least 100 edited images. i usually end up giving a good bit more, but there will always be a minimum number guaranteed!

what is the turnaround time like?

with portrait sessions, usually it takes about 3-6 weeks. with weddings, events, + longer duration sessions, it takes about 6-10 weeks. i always try my very best to have them back much earlier than later, but unfortunately, there are only so many hours in each day and mom life can be pretty unpredictable at times, so i like to give myself some wiggle room! 

can i print the images myself?

yes! as soon as they're delivered, payment in full has been received, + you've signed the print release, those images are yours to print an unlimited amount of times and to use for personal, non-commercial distribution. (i usually send the print release and agreement attached to the email with your gallery in it so you can sign it and send me back a copy!)

can i get all of the files, even the unedited ones?

because you are paying for my creative input, process, and style, and also because you need the right level of software to convert the files, i never release any of the RAW/CR2 files under any circumstances. trust me as your photographer to curate and give you the best ones!

do you have specific locations in mind?

i usually have my go-to spots that i enjoy shooting at frequently, but i am always up for visiting new places and spaces! feel free to share your suggestions with me! also, let me know what you're looking for! (industrial, urban, nature, downtown, etc.)

how far out should i book my session?

as soon as possible! usually, i like to have my weeks planned out, at the latest, two weeks in advance! it's hard to schedule things only a week out, finding childcare and all that stuff, so it's nice to have more time to prep! 

with weddings, i recommend booking your venue then your photographer/videographer. 6-12+ months before the big day is usually the latest i like for people to book with me! time goes by faster than you think!

how do i book my elopement/wedding date with you?

i require a non-refundable retainer + the signing of my contract at our complimentary consultation (included in each wedding/elopement package)! the remainder of your total is due no later than one week prior to the day of the wedding.

do you offer prints?

i like to keep everything digital and easy-access. so much easier for everyone! while i don't offer print products of any sessions, i do have travel photos you can order in the 'shop' tab above!

do you take credit cards?

i used to have one of the square/intuit card readers, but i never used it, so check, cash, venmo, google pay, or paypal are all acceptable forms of payment!

do you bring props to the session?

usually, i don't just because i like to leave things pretty natural looking and i use my environment, but i am totally fine with clients bringing their own props since sometimes, they may be of great significance to you! 

can i post my photos to facebook/instagram/twitter?

absolutely! i love it when clients share my work with their loved ones and friends! just please make sure to give me credit (tag me/mention me or my page) anytime you post them somewhere, and i ask that you don’t manipulate/edit (instagram/facebook/phone filters or overly cropping) your pictures in any way. a simple caption + your hashtags will do! bonus points for putting #kelseybutcherphotography when posting! ;)

will you post a preview?

i usually always try my best to share a sneak peek on social media + i'll tag or mention you in them so you won't miss them! honestly, sometimes i can't make it happen before i send you your final gallery because life happens, but i'll always try! the rest will be delivered to you by the earlier stated deadlines! 

can you photoshop out my x, y, or z?

i don't use photoshop to edit, so blemishes and spots are easy to remove, but not whole heads, appendages, or wardrobe malfunctions. as a photographer, i try to leave everything as naturally as it is in real life, just a little glossier!

do you travel?

absolutely! there are so many places i am dying to go and one of my greatest desires is to travel more, whether it's within the U.S. or outside of it! in the last few years, i've gone to paris, the u.k., italy, as well as several different locations stateside! i'm always up for a new adventure!

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