Portrait, Elopement, x Travel Photographer | Kelsey Butcher

Atlanta native planting roots all over the world. Wife and mama saved by grace. Light chaser.

Fueled by music and good books. Noodle and soup enthusiast.

Perpetually dreaming of autumn and the Scottish Highlands.

i'm kelsey, and i'm a photographer specializing in portraits and destination weddings!

while i am an atlanta native (we are a rare sight to behold) currently residing in my childhood home, i've left little pieces of my heart all over the world.

see where i'm headed to next!

in 2011, i met and fell in love with Ryan, my better half, on the back of his motorcycle and here we are, almost 8 years into our marriage! in 2014, we welcomed a baby girl into the world who has grown into the cheekiest five-year-old who keeps us on our toes!

i love Jesus, spending time with my sweet family and friends, comfy clothes (with pockets, of course!), travelling to new parts of the world and seeing how other people live, making music, and sketching! and between my wanderlust-fueled travels x decoding motherhood one day at a time, i love curling up at home underneath a blanket with a hot drink and a good book (or a bbc period drama playing on the tv) while a baked goods-scented candle burns cozily on my coffee table. i also have a fondness for rainy days, foods that make you remember home, and long walks down the aisles of target!

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