Documenting a wedding is a huge responsibility. To be able to honor your day and to do your story justice is important to me. It's the opening of a new chapter and season of life, where you and your person are represented in every detail. Whether that's stateside or across the world, I love to travel wherever your love stories call me, preserving your authentic emotions, documenting your most epic moments, and everything in between. These images will be the ones that your children and grandchildren and great grandchildren will see, so your photos need to be able to tell your story long after the wedding day. Those moments cannot be replicated or relived, so I want to give you images to remember just how incredibly special they were and how they felt. At the end of the day, photographs will be what remains. 

When you choose me as your photographer, you can rest in the fact that you will be well-loved and taken care of, from beginning to end! Your images will be hand-edited and high-resolution, optimum for printing them wherever and as many times as you want so you can relive your day anytime!



Every elopement and wedding day is incredibly important to me and every couple that I work with are not merely "clients" hiring me as the photographer. I'll be your dress fluffer, your tour guide, and your biggest encourager throughout your day!

Because you mean so much to me, I want to meet you (even if that means we can't meet in person yet!) to hear more about the story you want to tell beyond your day, to discover how your day can reflect you the most authentically, and to discover the ultimate, best way to serve you! Just fill out the form below and I'll be in touch asap! I cannot wait!


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"I ask you to pass through life at my side, to be my second self, and best earthly companion." -Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë



A S S I S T A N T  S H O O T E R 

If you need an assistant shooter who will go above and beyond to help you throughout your clients' wedding day, as well as a professional, chill hype woman who will help feed you, hydrate you, and tell you how you're killin' it, I'm your girl! Not only have I been lead shooting my own weddings for almost a decade now, I have a lot of experience second shooting, so let me help you deliver a thorough, cohesive gallery! I'm completely comfortable and capable of flying solo if you need me to be in another location! When it comes to shooting, I'm definitely not trigger happy, but I'm extremely thorough and observant, so I'll help you get the shots you need and more! I'm comfortable with OFC and I shoot primarily on my primes (35mm 1.4 is my workhorse!) + have a macro lens for ring shots!

As is second shooting etiquette, I will never post my edited version of the images I took until you've delivered the gallery to your clients, nor will I tag/mention your clients in any images I do share online!

*Travel fees may apply! I ask that the lead photographer allow me to use the images I've taken for social media, website, + marketing purposes.*

Assistant Shooter Rate is $50 PER HOUR! | Please fill out my contact form below to let me know the specifics!



I promise, I don't mind! See what I'm up to and check out my most recent work here!



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