If a 'traditional' wedding day experience doesn't feel like who you are, then don't settle! Do it YOUR way.


Because life’s way too short to get married for other people.

Because who wants to stress out and get overwhelmed trying to plan a massive wedding?

Because you deserve to have your unique love story told authentically, in a timeless, intentional way.

Because wouldn't you rather save your money for your actual life together (honeymoon, a down payment on your house or car, rainy day fund, etc.) instead of overspending on just one day?

But most of all: At the end of the day, it's about your love. Your relationship and who you are MATTERS. And how you celebrate it does, too!

What is an elopement?





In the past, the word 'elopement' has carried a negative, connotation that meant running off, usually in secret, to get married without telling anyone; it was something that might have even brought shame to a family's reputation. Also, elopements have often been associated with those getting married a second time, where the couple doesn't want to have another large-scale wedding.

Fast forward to 2020: WHO IS SHE??

These days, the idea of eloping has been totally redefined, and I love that more couples are deciding to elope each year! Eloping means opting for a more intimate, non stressful vibe in a cool, new place both of you have always wanted to visit or in a nontraditional, perhaps sentimental location! Your closest family x friends are there, supporting and celebrating your love alongside you!

Elopements are saying, 'Nope' to a traditional, overwhelming, lengthy day, and instead, choosing to have more of an intimate, intentional experience, with a deeper focus on you x the person you want to do life with! It is an opportunity to ditch the stress, to make your own rules, and to declare (or redeclare) your love from the mountaintops (literally and figuratively) without sacrificing detail!

If you long for adventure, let’s freakin' make it happen! I'll be here as your travel guide, to answer any questions that you might have, and to just be there alongside you, step by step!

What is an intimate wedding?

An intimate wedding can be as small as you want it to be!

Intimate weddings are for the couples who don't want to invest every penny into a long, more traditional wedding day, but who still want a slightly larger gathering! When one thinks of an intimate wedding, something like a backyard wedding might come to mind. Or perhaps, an outdoor restaurant!
Just like with an elopement, intimate weddings can be way less stressful, and more customisable than a larger wedding day! I love backyard weddings almost as much as I love elopements, mainly because they're for the more laid back couples who want to be surrounded by their loved ones, yet want to still have a more manageable wedding day!
While intimate weddings do typically have more guests than elopements do, travelling for intimate weddings is always a possibility! If you're having an intimate destination wedding, heck yes!! Gather all of the people you want to be present, and go for it!

Get some live music and hang on the beach! Or go rent a cabin up in the mountains! There's no 'right way' to have an intimate wedding, so worry less about a large guest count and more about how you want to feel on your wedding day!


My bags are already packed, so let's go!


starting at $2,800

(no travel fees)

includes: 1 whole day of hanging out while i document you and your boo thang! all travel accommodations, up to a gallery of hand-edited, hi-resolution images x printing rights


starting at $3,600

(under 80 guests)

includes: up to 6 hours of coverage maximum, no travel fees depending on location, a gallery of hand-edited, hi-resolution images x printing rights


starting at $5,000

includes: up to 8 hours of coverage, no travel fees depending on location, a gallery of hand-edited, hi-resolution images x printing rights

second shooter | engagement session | newlywed session | curated, high-quality, layflat album

*Vow Renewals: Rate is the same as elopements x intimate wedding rates listed above, depending upon guest count.*

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If you'd like to book an elopement, intimate wedding, or vow renewal with me, please fill out the form below and let me know!

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